Mold Remediation

Expert Mold Removal in Cincinnati

Mold can be a serious and complex problem in a home, or even in a commercial building. Without being addressed at the source, mold will continue to grow and spread. Hudepohl Restoration Company is experienced in mold removal and mold remediation services, and we have the knowledge to assist you with this issue. We are a certified mold removal contractor that has been providing services in the Cincinnati area for many years. Please call our office if you think you have a mold problem, and we will send someone out to evaluate your situation. Should you need our services, we will also talk with you about the scope of the issue, and give you a reasonable price for dealing with the problem.

Clean Up & Disinfection

The next step in addressing mold is to incapacitate any remaining mold, and clean up and disinfect the area where the trouble is located. Again, this work is best left to a professional, so that you can be sure all of the areas are properly treated, and safe for your family.

Air Quality Testing

When it comes to mold removal, air quality testing is important. Since mold can become airborne, testing the air is one good way to estimate the scope of the problem, or to evaluate the success of the removal work. We have the equipment to test, and we are pleased to be able to do this as part of our removal efforts.

Mold Removal

The first step in any mold removal job is to get rid of the mold that can be eliminated, alongside discovering and addressing the source of the mold. We are able to get rid of excess mold safely, and have expertise in this specific arena. Mold removal is not a homeowner project. It should be addressed by licensed professionals with the proper equipment. We can do this for you.
Expert Mold Removal in Cincinnati
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